UNDERVIEWER An 'underviewer' was someone who daily inspected underground mines.

The word “underviewer” was supposed to evoke the ideas such as curiosity, something hidden, underground, or looking under something. It also happens that the very name started to evoke the thoughts of electronic music when Jean-Luc De Meyer and Patrick Codenys formed their own music group.

Both became more famous later as members of the legendary FRONT 242, however, before they joined this worldwide known band (1978 - 1981) they performed under the name of Underviewer.

Experimenting and creating music on the first analog synthesizers available resulted in experimental electronic tracks, clearly inspired by pop music, but based more on sound and noise associations rather than the catchy melodies.

Reactivated for the first time late 2011, to play our BIMFEST and a handful of other shows all over Europe, Underviewer re-emerges in again today, in 2016 to present their first album ‘Wonders and Monsters’.

Underviewer takes their listeners on a journey back in time, to the period in which there were no prefabricated sounds yet and hyperkinetic rhythms were still to be invented. The musicians decided to resurrect their first project in search of what they felt in the past, creating their early electronics sounds on old synthesizers.

Underviewer offers a kind of music from a different time ... its sounds are naive, pure and simple, but at the same time filled to the brim with originality and uniqueness which cannot be faked. It is also overflowing with the emotions of curiosity that accompany the inventors, explorers and pioneers of the aesthetics.

Underviewer releases first single from their upcoming album 'Wonders & Monsters'