While founder René Hulsbosch had the music, lyrics and name ready even before a band was formed, STRUGGLER was able to perform after 5-1/2 weeks of rehearsing. This first performance took place on May 1st 1979.

In the same year they recorded their first independent record "Wanted / Don't care" in 'Punk-Town' Hamont and released it in January 1980.

In 1982 they released their first album 'It Was A Very Long Conversation But At The End We Didn't Shake Hands', a much sought after collector item‎ these days and their main artefact so far.

Their DIY approach and sound was an inspiration/boost for lots of other bands in this area

Today, Struggler still goes ahead, and their intentions are still pure!



Interview by Peek-a-boo-magazine (16/10/2016)