The Signal Août '42 story started for real in 1986 with the release of two 12” singles named ‘Pleasure And Crime’ and ‘Girls Of Vlaanderen’. Some saw a close connection in the name to EBM legend Front 242 and even the music sounded as what had become the legendary Belgian electro /EBM sound. Buy they were proved wrong; SA 42 is the musical outlet of creative brain Jacky Meurisse.

SA42 released more 12”’s in the years to come and they all became cult classics in the Belgian electro underground but, as often is the case, even more abroad. In 1989 the first album ‘Pro Patria’ saw light of day and the ‘Submarine Dance’ track became an instant electro classic. More successful albums followed; ‘Contrast’ (1991) with the famous ‘Dead Is Calling’, and ‘Conviction’ (1993) including some versions of another SA42 classic ‘Waterdome’. Then suddenly Jacky Meurisse seemed to have disappeared from planet electro, or at least he changed worlds and became commercially interested in trendy techno and dance music for the masses.

In 1995 the new born label Out Of Line summarized the career of SA42 with the best of release ‘The Immortal Collection (1983 - 1995), placing SA42 back and well deserved on the electro map again. Out Of Line became huge and little did they know that in 2007 they would release a completely new SA42 double album ‘Transformation’ that can be considered as one of the best electronic albums from 2007.

In 2010 another double album Vae Victis was released and in 2013 the album Inspiration followed.

Loyal to its roots but open for a darker, very dense and gloomy but yet danceable experience Jacky Meurisse again shows phenomenal electro talent by building up a characteristic identity and a distinctive sound, one that will still shake any club and that builds up an atmosphere that few in today’s electro scene can match.

So, girls and boys of Vlaanderen and elsewhere keep your ears open for this high potential electronic dance floor warfare!



Interview by Peek-a-boo Magazine (18/10/2016)