Red Zebra is dead but the music lives on and under the name EX-RZ, which obviously stands for ex-Red Zebra.

With former Red Zebra-singer Peter Slabbynck behind the microphone, EX-RZ goes back and forth through the back catalogue of the legendary Red Zebra.

One of the many highlights being of course their classic tune 'I Can’t Live In A Living Room’ which was released already 35 years ago.

But there's more than just the past! This spring EX-RZ released a brand new single, called "Drone Operator!




EX-RZ (ex-Red Zebra) has been touring for a while as a duo but now, Peter Slabbynck and Frits Standaert found the time was right to expand the band. And they do this with no-one less then Steven Janssen (Daan, Mark Lanegan) on guitars and with Steve Slingeneyer (Soulwax), who will takes place behind the drumkit.
On BimFest XV they will perform for the very first time with this new line-up.
It will be quite a change of habit for Peter Slabbynck as he explains: "It took me some time to get used playing with a backing track running from a laptop, and now I have to get used again playing with a real four piece band. Although there will still be some electronics to be heared, we also have decided to play those Red Zebra classics songs again like the original versions. Since I didn’t play them myself like that for some years now, this will make the concert even more exciting for everyone!

EX-RZ will perform on the second day of the 100% Belgian and 15th edition of BIMFEST, Saturday December 17th together with à;GRUMH..., A Split-Second, Aroma Di Amore, Signal Aout'42, Struggler, Vita Noctis & Euforic Existence