AROMA DI AMORE Aroma Di Amore was, and still is, an innovative band formed in the eighties and who combined electronics with rock music, but above all it was the mix of sharp social criticism Dutch texts with unconventional song structures that gave the band at a true cult status, home and far abroad.

Their first albums and 12”’s are still much wanted amongst record collectors around the world, although their complete back-catalogue was re-released again after the band made a comeback on our 3rd BIMFEST in 2004.

The band returned to play BIMFEST again in 2009 so this will be their 3rd passage on our BIMFEST!

The releases of the album ‘Samizdat’ (2012) and the recently released new album ’Zin’ prove this band is still relevant, alive and Kicking!