:GRUMH... à; GRUMH ...

Yes, unbelievable but true! à:GRUMH…. is one of those bands that meet all the BIMFEST criteria 100% … Belgian, good, relevant, important, extraordinary and exceptional.

Perhaps the name à; GRUMH... doesn’t sound as familiar to everyone as for example our other national pride Front 242, but this band was together with F242 at the cradle of the Belgian Electro, Industrial and EBM (Electronic Body Music) movement in the early 80's. They where even this closely involved that the producer and one of the master brains behind Front 242, Daniel B. produced some of the first à: GRUMH... releases, later also Ludo Chamberlin, known for his production work with e.g. Lords of Acid, Praga Kahn and Poesie Noir.

Therefore à; GRUMH... was already from the beginning of our BIMFEST bucket list ... but they kept on declining our, but also all other pleas coming from all over the world, for over more then two decades, rejecting every offer categorically.

But persistence wins! We eventually managed to convince these guys (with some help from various anonymous BIMFEST supporting artists) to chose BIMFEST XV to celebrate their 35th anniversary and this with a WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE ONE-OFF SHOW!!!
So don’t miss your only chance EVER to see this legendary band perform live!