BIMFEST XVI (2017) - Line-up revealed!

It is with great pleasure that we may announce the 16th line-up of our Belgian Independent Music Festival 2016 (BIMFEST) !

Like every year, we believe we succeeded to compile a varying, but still always fitting within the 'BIMFEST spirit, line-up.

After our last year’s 100% Belgian and 15th anniversary bill, we went also looking abroad again this year. Also, because there’s no BIMFEST without at least a few qualitative homegrown products like this year, for instance, IMPLANT (presenting a brand new album!) and cult band PARADE GROUND.

Loyal BIMFEST-goers will immediately spot a couple returning BIMFEST values like NO MORE (D), THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT (D) and PSYCHE (CAN) on the poster, but also some less obvious names (to Belgian festival standarts) such as the German rhythmic and industrial act XOTOX or the Techno / EBM crossover project of tNYC electro producer and performer Oliver Chesler, THE HORRORIST (LIVE!).

This year we also succeeded to get KIRLIAN CAMERA, out from the hot but dark and industrial Southern Italy and fronted by the stunning and charismatic Elena Alice Fossi. Without doubt they will bring the temperature in the front rows to the boiling point.

Also electro-punk-rockers THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX (UK) will easily get the crowd moving and all warmed-up with beautiful songs like eg 'One Millionth Happy costumer', 'Second Shot' or 'March 89'.

The main catch of BIMFEST 2017 is undoubtedly the pleasant deranged British Electro combo BLANCMANGE, who almost everyone should know from their 80's mega-hits like "Do not Tell Me," "Blind Vision ',' Feel Me 'and' Game Above my Head '... just to name but a few!

The only two names that remain to be announced are those of the bands that will open on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th December. These two names can in fact be chosen by YOU on the Dark Demons Night on Saturday, June 17th in the nice concerthall of the Antwerp venue Het Oude Badhuis. Click here if you want to learn some more about the six Dark Demons Night 2017 candidates, even better.. go there and vote your favorite act to BIMFEST 2017!

The pre-sale of the extremely limited Earl-Bird BIMFEST combination tickets (2 days) has already started, so hurry if you want to save some money!

The normal and separate day tickets, will become available as soon as all Early Bird tickets are gone!

As you can see our BIMFEST website is still under construction but meanwhile you can find more info on the link below!

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What a fantastic BIMFEST weekend!! We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!!
WE would like to thank our FANTASTIC crew, À;grumhsuicide commandoA Split - SecondAroma di AmoreSignal Aout 42 - SA42 OfficialUnderviewerDive / Sonar / Absolute Body ControlEX-RZSTRUGGLERVita NoctisEuforic ExistenceSuper Dragon Punch!!, Concertzaal De Casino AND of course YOU!!!

Pictures can be found here:
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See you all next year!!! Save the date: 15 & 16 December!

HOME BodyBeats Productions, Peek-a-Boo Magazine & De Casino present:

16 + 17.12. BIMFEST XV
De Casino - St-Niklaas - B

15 YEARS OF BIMFEST (since 2002)

Indeed! This year we celebrate the 15th edition of the, far beyond our borders known and renowned Belgian Independent Music Festival. A festival that doesn’t tend promote uniformity or mundane (radio) music (as they are already plenty who do so), but instead brings you quirky artists with their roots in the Alternative Punk and New Wave movement of the 80's, or who are at least are inspired by this darker wave of alternative music.

As it is well known by now, we tend to give high priority to artists from Belgian soil (since 2002) and some of you even might remember, our first editions were 100% Belgian!
Next to putting established values ​​such as i.a. A SPLIT SECOND, FRONT 242, THE NEON JUDGEMENT, THE KIDS, RED ZEBRA and SUICIDE COMMANDO on our stage, we were also responsible for some remarkable and rare reunion shows as of THE KLINIK, AROMA DI AMORE, INSEKT, THE WEATHERMEN, FLESH & FELL and SNOWY RED (RIP). At the same time we always gave young and / or fresh talent a chance to present themselves to our loyal audience like; DARK POEM, METROLAND, TRUE ZEBRA, THE JUGGERNAUTS and so many more! But enough big talk about our past for now …. Here’s the PRESENT!

16 + 17.12.2016 BIMFEST XV @ De Casino - St Niklaas - B
15th anniversary - 100% Belgian edition

à; GRUMH ... Yes, unbelievable but true! à:GRUMH…. is one of those bands that meet all the BIMFEST criteria 100% … Belgian, good, relevant, important, extraordinary and exceptional. Perhaps the name à; GRUMH ... doesn’t sound as familiar to everyone as for example our national pride Front 242, but this band was together with F242 at the cradle of the Belgian Electro, Industrial and EBM (Electronic Body Music) movement in the early 80's. Therefore à; GRUMH ... was already from the beginning of our BIMFEST bucket list but they kept on declining our, but also all other pleas, coming from all over the world, for over more then two decades, rejecting every offer categorically. But persistence wins! We eventually managed to convince these guys (with help from some anonymous BIMFEST supporting artists) to chose BIMFEST XV to celebrate their 35th anniversary and this with a WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE ONE-OFF SHOW!!! So don’t miss your only chance EVER to see this legendary band perform live!

SUICIDE COMANDO is yet another band who will be celebrating on BIMFEST, they have been terrorizing the industrial and electronic music scene 30 years now! Suicide Commando was also present on the very first edition of BIMFEST in 2001. Since, they have become one of those successful BIMFEST regulars (2004, 2001) so we could celebrate our 15th edition without them! Head & voice Johan Van Roy promised us to bring you a special 'Best of' show! No easy-listening but top-notch Belgian Hellectro!!

A SPLIT-SECOND is also one of those legendary pioneers from the early Belgian Wave / EBM scene. People with some musical knowledge will certainly know most of A SPLIT-SECONDS classics such as ‘Flesh’, ‘Rigor Mortis’, ‘Colosseum Crash’ or ‘On Command’.
In fact A SPLIT-SECOND, was also one of those bands that made a spectacular comeback at BIMFEST, and they even did this on our very first edition (2002)! Meanwhile the band continues to play concerts and festivals worldwide were their spectacular and energetic live shows manage to surprise friend and foe every time again!

AROMA DI AMORE was, and still is, an innovative band formed in the eighties and who combined electronics with rock music, but above all it was the mix of sharp social criticism Dutch texts with unconventional song structures that gave the band at a true cult status, home and far abroad. Their first albums and 12”’s are still much wanted amongst record collectors around the world, even if their complete back-catalogue was re-released again after the band made a comeback on our 3rd BIMFEST in 2004.

DIVE is the successful Industrial/EBM solo project of Dirk Ivens (Absolute Body Control/The Klink/Sonar/...). Influenced by bands like Suicide and Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and the U.K electronic scene he appears from 1980 on under the name Absolute Body Control on several compilations. Dirk Ivens is probably best known as singer from the legendary Electro/industrial band The Klinik, who became one of the biggest names in the Belgian electronic/industrial scene, even today they are still an influence for many bands. Then, in 1990, Dirk released his first solo album under the DIVE moniker. The music - very primitive, harsh and experimental - hits like 10000 volts, and was the start of many releases, with an evolving sound, since. With a minimum on equipment, he creates a maximum of power on stage! His sound has been copied by a lot of bands as he showed us, LESS IS MORE!

EX - RZ is what the name already suggests it is... EX-RZ is the 'solo' project of RED ZEBRA frontman

and singer Peter Slabbynck. With EX-R this redhead stage animal brings tribute to Red Zebra and their fans. EX-RZ performs those New Wave classic anthems as ‘Can’t Live In A Living Room,’ ‘The Art Of Conversation’ and ‘Polar Club’ with fire and exactly as you remember them! EX-RZ is punk, EX-R is New Wave, EX-RZ is a genuine BIMFEST must! Maybe we ‘Can't Live In A Living Room', … but we will can party as hell on BIMFEST XV!

SIGNAL AOUT '42, or SA42, is the musical project from and around producer and singer Jacky Meurisse. Founded originally as 'Signal' in the early 80’s, they changed the name to SA42 with the release of their first 12" maxi-singles. ‘Pleasure And Crimes’ and 'Girls Of Flanders’ (1986) were both almost immediate club hits and dance floor fillers around the world. Their 12"s and club hits kept coming until 1993. Then, after a hiatus of more than 10 years, SA42 stroke back again with regular and qualitative releases on the renowned German alternative label Out Of Line Records. It’s indisputable, SA42 still for top notch dark but danceable Electro / EBM!

STRUGGLER 's , founded by René Hulsbosch, first performance took place on May 1st 1979. In the same year they recorded their first independent 7" record "Wanted / Don't Care" in 'Punk-Town' Hamont and released it in January 1980. In 1982 they released their first album 'It Was A Very Long Conversation But At The End We Didn't Shake Hands', a much sought after collector item‎ these days and their main artefact so far. Their DIY approach and sound was an inspiration/boost for lots of other bands in this area. Today, Struggler still goes ahead, and their intentions are still pure!

UNDERVIEWER is, as fanatic FRONT 242 fans & ranters know, actually the pre-FRONT 242 project of Jean-Luc De Meyer (head and voice) and mastermind Patric Codenys (keyboards, composer and producer) from before they merged with Daniel B's Prothese to form one of the most successfull and legendary electronic bands ever ... FRONT 242. Until this day, UnderViewer never found the time and opertunity to released an full album but this will change this year! While FRONT 242 is taking a sabbatical year, the duo decided the time was ripe to release, come and present their first full album ‘Wonders and Monsters’ at BIMFEST 2016!

VITA NOCTIS is a Belgian Minimal Wave band of Kips Kris (Electronics) & Martine Genyn (Vocals), who initially only released 2 tapes and a vinyl EP between 1984 and 1986. In 2012 most of their eighties material was re-released as an 2LP (Dark Entries Records/Minimal Maximal Records) .This reissue was the trigger for the band to start composing again which resulted in the release of a cd-single and the new highly critically acclaimed album 'No Place For You' which was co-produced by Dirk Ivens (The Klinik/Absolute Body Control/ Sonar/ Dive) and released on his own label Daft Records in 2015.

Dark Demo(n)s Night II winner / Public's choice

EUFORIC EXISTENCE, the noisy electro/EBM project of Koen Vanderstappen saw the day of light already in 2000 as part of the Antwerp DIY 'Fear The Light' label and organization movement. After some self-released albums and featured tracks on numerous compilation albums they seemed to have slowly faded away toward the mid 2000's .... But only to resurface in full force again with a more mature sound, a new hard hitting album ‘MCMXCII - IIIII0III0I’ (2013) and their latest well received album 'Existence Beating Morality' (2015).

Dark Demo(n)s Night I winner / Public's choice

SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! is the musical project of Jérémie Venganza who's living in Louvain-la-Neuve, a university city to the south of Brussels where road & cars are banned to the underground. Super Dragon Punch!! rose in 2012 from the ashes of the much noisier project called "RANkOR". It's sound and aesthetics are influenced by Jérémie Venganza's love for retro gaming, as well as industrial, metal or even synth pop music. JV has had the chance to take his solo project to perform with raw punk energy in such distant countries as Mexico or Japan. Jérémie discribes his music as 8bit Synthpunk Industrial!

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